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  • Al Mashreq Eye
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Al Mashreq Eyes is one of the largest medical and scientific edifices in Egypt and the Middle East It aims to provide a high quality medical service with our commitment to providing everything new in the field of ophthalmology. Al-Mashreq Eyes also has continuous generations of specialists and consultants in various fields of ophthalmology and surgery, each working in his specialty with the presence of an integrated medical team that participates in the teamwork system for diagnosing eye diseases

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    القاهرة , مصر الجديدة - 13 Jul 2023
  • مساعدة طبيب

    القاهرة , مصر الجديدة - 07 Jun 2023
  • مدير استقبال

    القاهرة , مصر الجديدة - 17 Aug 2022