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  • Dr Tamer Ezzat Abdullah Clinic for blood vessels and diabetic foot
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Dr. Tamer Ezzat Abdullah's clinic is integrated from
Vascular surgery and diabetic foot
Laser treatment of varicose veins (surface laser and internal laser)
Treatment of the governor with foam injection and sclerotherapy
Laser treatment of venous ulcers in the legs
Treatment of uterine varices (with catheterization without surgery)
Varicocele treatment (with catheterization without surgery)
Diabetic foot treatment
Diabetic foot ulcer treatment
Diabetic foot gangrene treatment
Arterial delivery operations
Catheterization to expand the peripheral arteries and veins with balloons and stents
Dialysis cases
Operations of dialysis patients, installation of temporary and permanent dialysis catheters
Installing a chemotherapy catheter
Surgical endoscopic treatment of dyshidrosis

Treatment of thoracic outlet stenosis syndrome
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