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  • Dr Ramy Ahmed Ramzy Clinic for Physiotherapy
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Dr. Ramy Ahmed Ramzy's clinic is integrated from
Electrostimulation sessions
Faradic session to strengthen muscles
Pain relief tennis session
Galvanic muscle stimulation session
Sessions to stimulate the blood phase and remove pain
A modern infrared session to stimulate blood circulation
Hot compresses session to stimulate blood circulation
Ice compresses treatment session to remove inflammation and relieve pain
Ultrasound session to stimulate deep blood circulation
Private massage session
Kenzo Tap slide session for sports rehabilitation
Varicose veins treatment session
A session to stimulate blood circulation in the legs through compression therapyLow intensity laser therapy session for pain and wound healing
Spinal stretching session with the computer
Cryopractic manual therapy session
Manual therapy session to remove pain
Manual therapy session
Manual sessions for the rehabilitation of athletes
Manual session Rehabilitation of cases of paraplegia
Manual session Rehabilitation of the seventh nerve
Spinal rehabilitation manual session
Quick physical rehabilitation session
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