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  • Masr Scope
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Misrscope Center is one of the best specialized centers in Egypt and the Middle East, as it is a center specialized in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy of the gastrointestinal tract, in addition to many diagnostic and therapeutic services related to liver diseases.
And since its establishment (June 2008), the center contains the latest gastrointestinal endoscopy devices (video scope) and the latest sterilization devices. With modern programs to record and document cases and give a photo report and a CD to the patient, which gives the patient the opportunity to see what was done during the endoscopy, and also allows the treating doctor to confirm the diagnosis and appropriate treatment
This is in addition to the hotel system in place for the comfort of the patient, starting from reservation and reception until the recovery room after the endoscopy.

In addition, the center includes a selection of the best professors of specialization from major universities in Egypt, always working to provide the best service in addition to observing the highest standards of accuracy in sterilizing devices and reaching the highest international levels in developing medical performance within the center.
The Misrscope Center works to update the center's work mechanisms according to international standards in terms of quality in performance, sterilization of devices, and comprehensive medical care, including safe anesthesia for patients during endoscopy examinations. Therefore, we always welcome you and your opinions to work on modernization and development for your convenience


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