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Isfhaa is a joint stock company specialized in providing digital health care services. It was established for you, to be your medical companion on your journey to recovery, and provides you with a digital entrance to all medical services with care from A to Z, with the best management of the patient experience, through professional management of medical cases and coordination of care. , while following the highest international quality standards in human-centered care, not just the patient, through a medical support team for clients trained at the highest level to coordinate services with the highest quality.

Ishafa provides integrated digital home medical services, telemedicine, and medical services at the sites of companies and factories itself, and provides the rest of the various medical services through huge medical networks in cooperation with other medical services companies, with coverage that includes all governorates.

Ishaaa offers special programs for companies, institutions and charities, including:

1. Ishafa Plus Program: For startups, small and medium companies that do not have medical insurance programs and whose employees are not medically insured, we provide them with all medical services with the strongest possible discounts upon request, without the need to pay monthly or annual subscription fees and without the need to purchase discount cards.



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